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Turn any Flanged Connection Into An Isolation Valve

Avoid a full shutdown next time you have a repair to make with a custom engineered tool that creates an isolation point at any flanged connection.

The Add On Gate Valve(AOGV) is a tool placed on top of the flanges, where it unbolts the flanges and inserts an isolation spade while containing the medium throughout the process.

WIth 2 AOGVs, you can isolate between any two flanged connections, providing huge flexibility and acting as a solution if your isolation valves are passing.

There’s no hot work involved and the entire process can be done while your system is under pressure.

The AOGV is a complete cold work solution that can easily save 7 figures in costs by preventing a shutdown.

What Is It, Exactly?

The AOGV can turn any flanged connection into an isolation point.

The AOGV installs over the flanges and a safe barrier is formed. The flanges are unbolted and split inside the AOGV and the isolation spade is inserted. The pipe medium is contained the entire time.

This is done while the system is under pressure. And the vent ports on the AOGV make draining the isolated area easy.

Placing an AOGV on the inlet and outlet of any repair you’re making lets you isolate without shutting down, draining, and cleaning the whole system.

While a fleet of standard AOGV sizes is currently in development, most cases are completely custom engineered to fit your situation.

Outside Of Your Turnaround

With the manpower shortages currently affecting the industry, the AOGV provides an opportunity to move work from your turnaround into ongoing maintenance.

This results in reduced downtime because you’re making the repairs while your system is in operation.

With every day of shutdown costing millions for facilities in lost production, the AOGV can add a ton of flexibility to your maintenance strategy.

If you’ve got any failed isolation points, or no isolation point at all near where you’re needing to repair, the AOGV can be your emergency gate valve.

If you have one pipe spool that needs fixing, you can isolate it at the nearest flanged connections with the AOGV. You’ll only have to drain that particular section, and the rest of your system can stay in operation.

You can make repairs outside of a turnaround to reduce downtime, often saving seven figures in costs by not having to keep the whole system offline for one repair.

Plus, with the advanced engineering that goes into each and every AOGV, a full mock-up of your system is tested before the AOGV hits your facility to handle any obstacles, ensuring the tool will work exactly as intended.

Some Technical Details

Currently, the AOGV is fully certified to DNVGL, with current plans to work it into the ASME and API specifications as well.

It can withstand temperatures from -200 to +200 degrees celsius, allowing for use in areas where for example, elastomer type line stops may not work very well.

Using 3D modeling and geometry, aspects like flange thickness, diameter, and number of holes are examined to make sure the AOGV is made exactly as needed.

The full circumference of the flange is sealed with a pre-energized seal directly from the circumference surface all the way to the inside of the AOGV.

Because the AOGV does install between the two flanges, there are stresses placed on your pipe as the flanges are spread apart. However, stress tolerances are calculated to see where in your system a little flex can be handled.

While bespoke designs are common to solve specific challenges, a standard fleet of ASME class 150 and 300 tools in sizes 1-24″ is being put in place.

AOGVs can be obtained in up to 36″ in size up to class 2500.

No hot work required.

Increased Uptime, Reduced Costs

The AOGV allows you to move work out of your turnaround, leading to increased production.

It also lets you isolate for a repair without shutting down, cleaning, and degassing your whole system.

The tool can be placed on nearly any flanged connection providing there is room for the AOGV, giving you flexibility on where you want to isolate, minimizing the product you will have to drain.

As part of your maintenance strategy, the AOGV is an option to move work outside of your turnaround, or simply as an impromptu gate valve that can be used wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Use the AOGV to move work outside of your turnaround, reducing strain and increasing uptime, leading to increased cost-efficiency.

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