Stop the Bleeding: Our Cost-Saving Secret to Leak Repairs

“You can’t predict when, you can’t predict where, but you know it’s going to happen.” If anyone knows about leaks and leak prevention, it’s Don Cooper, President of Innovator Industrial Services.

When a leak does happen, do you have a plan in place for handling it quickly and cost-effectively? If you’re using the traditional leak repair process, then the answer is probably a resounding “No.” However, Innovator has implemented a new program that shortens the leak repair process from weeks to just hours and is setting a new industry standard.

Leaks don’t get better on their own

Leaks can range from a minor nuisance to a major gusher that compromises safety or production, but they all have one thing in common: Fixing or not fixing leaks can add up to a lot of time and money.

Typically, a technician has to visit the site to gather information and take measurements, which are then given to engineers, who design a leak containment device. That design is then sent to the local pressure authority, which has to approve the design (a process that can take weeks). Once approved, the device has to be manufactured—and if you need it fast, that could cost even more.

“Imagine if you said, ‘I’m bleeding,’ and the response was, ‘OK, we’ll have a doctor look at you, then decide how to build a band-aid, then we’ll send out the bandage for people to review it, and then in six weeks we’ll apply it to your wound,'” Cooper says. “Guess what happens? You don’t get the first aid you need in a timely manner.” A harsh analogy, but one with potentially similar consequences.

Innovator delivers your repair right now

“That’s been the normal way of doing things, and it poses challenges to all involved,” adds Cooper. “We’ve tried to mitigate this risk for our customers so we can improve speed, reduce costs, and get repairs to them when they need them.”

How did Innovator cut through all the red tape? The company started by thinking of as many leak challenges and solutions as possible.

A full-time team of five engineers focused on designing a plethora of leak-repair devices for a wide variety of applications. They create the designs and then submit them to the pressure authority for pre-approval. Once they’re pre-approved, Innovator manufactures these products so they’re on the shelf ready to go.

“We can repair almost any size flange of any configuration using a non-destructive leak repair method,” Cooper says. “We have these devices approved and on the shelf—now. We’ve invested several hundred thousand dollars in inventory so that we can respond in an hour, where most of our competitors will take four to six weeks because of the process they follow. We’ve been proactive in these efforts so that we truly live up to our commitment of being Your Partner in Building a Leak Free Workplace.”

With the ability of immediate response solutions, Innovator helps its customers keep costs low. This is because the company’s engineers submit their designs in bulk. “When you preregister designs in batches, you no longer have to pay the government authority $1,000+ for individual designs; you’re paying a much smaller fee because you’re designing a catalog at a time,” Cooper explains. “The cost of certification, in a lot of cases, is 50%-80% less for clients. Coupled with our response time and pre-engineered solutions, the cost of maintaining facilities and their safety is kept at a minimum and is another reason our why clients have come to rely on us.”

You can afford to fix it today

Of course, the best way to keep costs low and avoid catastrophic leak failure is to practice prevention. And with the cold weather upon us, you’re bound to notice more leaks. Let Innovator help you put a stop to these small drips before they turn into a costly problem.

“We respond right away with cost effective solutions,” says Cooper. “The best outcome is that the leaks are fixed, safety is improved, and the productivity of your plant is protected.”

With cost effective solutions and faster repairs, there’s no reason to put off leak repairs any longer! Innovator—Your Partner in Building a Leak Free Workplace.

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