Leak Repairs

On-stream Leak Repairs & Enclosures

Leaks are an ongoing and endless concern for operating plants. Get yours repaired with the Pay Once Promise guarantee, ensuring that if you’re leak repair doesn’t hold, the fix is free.

Examples of leaks consist of:

  • Gasket Leaks
  • Valve Packing Failures
  • Heat Exchangers Loosing Seal Integrity During Operations Cycling
  • Elbows and other Piping Components Washing Out During Normal Plant Operations

We provide our clients a full array of leak repair services including packing injections, valve seat injection isolations, flange and heat exchanger leak sealing, and leak containment enclosures for any pressurized component.

With our in-house engineering services for custom designs and a variety of off-the-shelf leak repair enclosures, the safety of your plant is guaranteed.

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Innovator provides a complete range of leak repair services to ensure leak-free operation.

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Innovator Offers High Tech Testing & Isolation Services

During turnaround and maintenance activities, new tie-ins are installed, valves and tees are cut in, and flanges are replaced.

During many of these welds, dangerous and explosive vapours fill the lines, requiring double-block and bleed isolations for added safety and protection. After the joint has been welded, it then requires hydro testing.

Many times to test that one weld, hundreds of feet of pipe would need to be filled and tested, resulting in high material and environmental disposal costs of test mediums.

By using a variety of plugging tools and gas bags, Innovator provides our clients with full double-block and bleed welder isolations and localized weld hydro testing to remove the need of full-system tests.

A Variety of Isolation Bags For Your Project

When a welder is downstream and you want to prevent the gases from escaping and subsequently causing harm, an isolation bag may be your perfect solution.

The isolation bag comprises a canopy enclosing the bag tube, which is then mounted on the universal base, enabling a stopper bag to be inserted through a tapping into the main and inflated to stop the flow of gas.

Sets of interchangeable noses and shoes permit the stopper bag to be correctly positioned relative to the centre of the main and positive support of the inflated stopper bag against the gas.