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Hydro Testing & Isolations

Testing a weld involves many challenges:

  • Hundreds of feet of pipe need to be filled and tested.
  • Expensive material disposal and environmental costs.
  • Dangerous, explosive vapors fill the lines.
  • Expensive testing and retesting is required.

Innovator Industrial Services offers a comprehensive, safe and less costly range of solutions to each of these challenges.

From double-block and bleed welder isolations, to localized weld hydro-testing that eliminates costly full-system tests, Innovator is your go-to answer for efficient and effective work.

Learn About Hydro Testing & Isolations


  • Full System Hydrotesting
  • Localized Hydrotesting on Welds and Nozzles
  • Verifies structural integrity of pressure vessels, pipelines, and components
  • Determines leak-tightness and identifies potential defects
  • Tests specific sections of pipelines or vessels independently


  • Ensures equipment and systems can safely handle intended operating pressure
  • Identifies potential leaks or weaknesses before they become critical failures
  • Provides confidence in the reliability and safety of pressure-containing systems


  • Oil and gas industry: Testing pipelines, storage tanks, and offshore equipment
  • Chemical industry: Verifying pressure vessels, reactors, and process equipment
  • Manufacturing sector: Testing boilers, heat exchangers, and hydraulic systems
  • Construction industry: Hydrotesting plumbing lines and fire suppression systems
  • Power generation industry: Testing turbines, condensers, and cooling systems


  • ABSA
  • TSSA
  • And More
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Discover the multiple solutions you can access from innovator Industrial Services. We offer a wide range of items from chart recorders to engineered test headers, from safety valves to fittings. You can gain exclusive access to more when you click on the button below.

Save Money

Innovator Hydro Testing & Isolation Solutions reduce the expense of material disposal and environmental protection. Our work also cuts down time lost to full-system testing, so you get your facility up and running – and making money- faster!

Save Time

Innovator Hydro Testing & Isolation Solutions offer a wide range of options that allow us to get the job done faster, getting you back online sooner.  

Protect Health

Innovator Hydro testing & Isolation Solutions are performed by trained professionals who take safety seriously. Our commitment is that every employee goes home to their family as healthy as when they left for their shift. It is always priority one with Innovator!

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Don Cooper Founder & CEO

Hydro Testing & Isolations - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Industrial hydrotesting is performed to verify the structural integrity and leak-tightness of pressure vessels, pipelines, and components.

Hydrotesting is important to ensure the safety and reliability of pressure-containing systems by identifying potential leaks, defects, or weaknesses before they become critical failures.

Hydrotesting typically involves filling the equipment or system with a liquid, usually water, and pressurizing it to a predetermined level. The pressure is maintained for a specified duration, and the system is inspected for leaks or defects.

Hydro plug testing involves using plugs to isolate and test specific sections of a pipeline or vessel, allowing for individual testing without affecting the entire system. It is a specialized application of hydrotesting.

Pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, reactors, boilers, heat exchangers, and hydraulic systems are some examples of equipment commonly subjected to hydrotesting.

The main risks include over-pressurization, which can lead to equipment failure, and potential hazards from handling high-pressure liquids. Proper safety measures and adherence to guidelines are crucial to mitigate these risks.

The test pressure is typically determined based on industry standards, regulatory requirements, or specific design specifications provided by the equipment manufacturer.

98% of the studs we put down use a 304 stainless steel, which creates an incredibly strong bond that is immune to the elements. A standard polymer is used to seal the plate against the leak, which fills the pits and helps to planarize if we have to cross a lap joint.
Also, Forge bonding enhances the asset the repair is performed on, which means that the equipment that is repaired is left in better shape than before the leak happened in the first place!

The duration of a hydrotest depends on the size and complexity of the equipment being tested. It can range from a few hours to several days.

If performed correctly and within specified parameters, hydrotesting should not cause damage. However, it is essential to follow proper procedures and guidelines to prevent any potential issues.

While hydrotesting is the most common method, there are alternative non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques available, such as ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, and magnetic particle testing. These methods can complement or be used in place of hydrotesting depending on the specific requirements and circumstances.

As just mentioned, the skill level required for forge bonding does not need to be specialized.

While we can’t guarantee you a price point without looking at your situation, we can say that it is going to cost a heck of a lot less than taking your tanks out of service. If your tank is only 10 feet in diameter, welding might be for you.
Once you get larger than that, forge bonding truly starts to shine.

In Conclusion…

Forge bonding solves a big problem in the marketplace by letting you keep your production going while you make repairs to your equipment. It also lets you make these repairs outside of your turnaround which eases the pressure next time you have to shutdown.

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Every challenge is accepted. We start with how, and then we find a way.

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