Forge Bonding

Bond Metal Studs Without the Need for Hot Work

Forge Bonding is a solid-phase metal-joining process that produces high quality joints using axial force with rotation to bond metals, thus eliminating the need for hot work. Bonding metal studs at low temperatures that don’t produce any sparks or flames has several benefits and advantages:

  • No ignition source
  • No emissions
  • Work performed in-service
  • Cold work permits
  • Full pneumatic
  • Produces a permanent bond
  • Portable

Innovator’s Forge Bond services ultimately result in decreased costs and increased productivity – without process interruption.

Our focus is to engineer and deploy automated Forge Bonding systems for use within hazardous environments for in-service equipment at refineries, petrochemical process plants, storage facilities and industrial work sites. Our technology is third-party tested, meets ASME standards and delivers the same mechanical integrity as traditional hot welding.

Common Friction Forge Bonding applications include:

  • EFR Repairs
  • Tank wall repairs
  • Retrofits
  • Handrails
  • Valve repair
  • Electrical attachments
  • Installations

We offer a five-year warranty period on Forge Bonding services. Our engineers are available to work with you to develop innovative custom solutions that are safe and suitable to your situation, while avoiding downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

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