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API 653 & AST Composite Tank Repair

Maximize durability, minimize downtime, and ensure safety with our specialized composite tank repair services. Our API 653 compliant solutions not only extend your tank’s lifespan but also offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional repairs. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your storage facilities are in expert hands, ready to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Learn about Composite Tank Repairs


  • Full External Tank Shell Repairs
  • Localized Tank Shell Repairs
  • Internal Tank Shell Repairs with Carbon Fiber Liners
  • Internal and External Tank Roof Repairs
  • Internal Tank Floor Repairs
  • 300+ Chemical Compatibility


  • Little to No Downtime: Keep your operations running smoothly with minimal interruptions.
  • Fast Execution: Benefit from rapid repair processes that get your tanks back to full functionality quickly.
  • Fast Lead Times: Enjoy shorter waiting periods from initial contact to completed repairs.
  • No Hot Work Requirements: Ensure safety with repair methods that eliminate the need for welding or open flames.
  • Long Service Life: Invest in permanent repairs that significantly extend your tank’s lifespan.


  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Wastewater Tanks
  • Acid tanks
  • Caustic Tanks
  • Shell Thinning
  • Internal / External Corrosions
  • Weld Defects


  • API 653
API 653 & AST Composite Tank Repair 1

Get insights from the experts with our composite tank repair webinar

Watch our insightful webinar that explores the latest advancements in tank repair and maintenance. ‘API-653 New Repair Methods: Composite Repair’ is an exclusive webinar dedicated to introducing state-of-the-art composite repair solutions, reshaping API-653 compliant tank repairs.

Save Money

Opt for our cost-effective repair solutions to not only minimize the need for frequent maintenance but also keep your equipment in production longer. This approach extends equipment lifespan and maximizes your investment, ensuring more time in production and substantial long-term savings.

Save Time

Leverage our rapid repair execution and quick lead times to avoid operational disruptions. Our efficient processes ensure your equipment returns to service faster, boosting productivity and minimizing downtime.

Protect Health

Our commitment to safety extends to both personnel and the environment. By avoiding hazardous procedures and choosing sustainable materials, we safeguard health and contribute to a cleaner, safer working environment.

Want to slash downtime and extend you tank life?

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