Quickflange- Weldless Pipe-to-Flange Connections

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The fitting and welding of flanges to pipe is one of the most common activities during construction or maintenance projects. This process has been part of the industrial market since the dawn of the industrial age. While materials have advanced and the mechanics of welding have improved, little else has changed in the fundamental process of welding a flange to pipe, not to mention the extreme hazard of welding in live applications.

Until now, there were few alternatives when it came to installing or replacing a flange. With the introduction of Quickflange, Innovator now offers clients an entirely new solution, making piping and flange modifications achievable without welding ,or hot work, remaining cost effective and employing the safest solution.












To Learn more about our Quickflange Weldless Pipe-to-Flange Connections, please click here to download our whitepaper or visit the official Quickflange website.

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