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Prevent Costly Corrosion Damage

Corrosion Damage

Municipal and corporate building facilities managers know how critical it is to stay on top of maintenance. Proactive maintenance prevents systems failures and makes for happier tenants, a safer environment, and lower repair and upkeep costs. But even the most diligent managers and maintenance crews often skip one vital area in their preventative maintenance schedules: plumbing inspections.

These inspections aren’t overlooked because they’re not important; it’s simply that pipes often fall into the category of “out of sight and out of mind.” Because you can’t see your building’s pipes — and you definitely can’t see inside them — upkeep often takes a back seat to other, more visible infrastructure.

However, skipping these inspections can result in catastrophic failures and expensive corrosion-related repairs. Even more important, corroded pipes can cause serious health concerns when they leach lead, copper, and other metals into drinking water.

Hidden dangers and huge repairs

Corrosion works from the inside and can cause disastrous damage to pipe and plumbing systems.

Depending on the pH and oxygen levels, temperature, chemical composition, and pressure of your source water, your pipes could be corroding at an alarming rate — and you may not even know it. According to a Hotel-Online special report, depending on your environment and the nature of your system, even brand-new pipe can show signs of corrosive wear in as little as two years.

Once pipe is corroded, there are a variety of repair solutions available, ranging from chemical flushing and spot repairs to re-piping your entire system. Of course, the cost of these repairs can be astronomical and frustrating for you and the tenants in your building.

Prevention simplified

A much more time- and cost-effective solution is to head off corrosion before the situation becomes dire. Thanks to cutting-edge INNOVATOR technology, the CUI Rapid Detection OM3 corrosion inspection tool, you can check the entirety of your piping systems easily and efficiently.

In the past, detection techniques have required costly steps such as system shutdowns and insulation removal — while still offering only limited “spot-check” insights. The CUI Rapid Detection OM3 solution overcomes all of these issues to detect corrosion, wall loss, and pitting around the full circumference and length of a pipe.

Best of all, each INNOVATOR technician has undergone 80 hours of rigorous training, so techs can complete scans quickly and with impressive accuracy.

Your pipe may be out of sight, but it’s definitely top of mind for INNOVATOR technicians. We’re here to make sure your building’s plumbing is safe, functional, and economical. And with our detailed information at your fingertips, you can make the best decisions for preserving your pipe systems long into the future.

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