Meet One of the Best in the Inspection Business

INNOVATOR is synonymous with leak prevention, detection, and repair. That means we take preventive maintenance seriously, and we’ve placed a lot of expertise and cutting-edge technology into creating a full inspection service suite.

These services range from Eddy Current Inspections and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspections to Video Inspections and advanced supplementary technologies like Airborne Ultrasonic Inspections, Magnetic Particle Inspections, and Liquid Penetrant Inspections — just to name a few.

It’s because of this breadth of offerings that INNOVATOR professionals lead the industry in inspection technologies. However, it’s thanks to our newly flourishing inspection team that we’re having such success.

Best in the business

It’s no accident that INNOVATOR is considered the high-tech inspection expert. Our inspection team receives training and on-the-job mentoring from one of the best in the business: INNOVATOR Inspection Team Leader David Reid.

Reid’s path to INNOVATOR has been a long and impressive one. With several generations of experience under his belt, Scottish-born Reid has built a remarkable resume that includes having developed and sold a successful chiller inspection business, time spent as a college professor, and having created cutting-edge online courses for those in the inspection field.

His drive for industry knowledge is unbeatable, and Reid says he spends much of his time sharing that knowledge with others. Lucky for INNOVATOR personnel, he recently decided to focus his expertise on our growing inspection team.

“I was brought in as a consultant of sorts — I spent all my life building teams, so that’s what I came to INNOVATOR to do,” Reid says. “We’re six months out and it’s been a raging success!”

Reid says five things are helping the inspection team prosper.

“We have an excellent team, we’re very well-trained, we’re very well-equipped, we’re getting good reviews from people on-site who may be interested in hiring us for work, and the whole organization of INNOVATOR is pleased we’re a group within them,” Reid says. “They’re happy with the inspection department and the people. Those five things are working well for us!”

Cutting-edge training for cutting-edge technology use

The Full David Reid Story

You can learn more about David Reid’s fascinating and inspirational experiences in his short memoir, A Life’s Work. You’ll quickly see why we at INNOVATOR are so proud to have him as part of our team!

Successful team building involves teaching systems, processes, software, and more — and Reid brings all that to the table. One of the most valuable tools INNOVATOR crews have access to is an extensive online training course Reid developed personally. It’s a project he’s passionate about and one that he’s spent two decades and countless hours and dollars perfecting.

“When I joined INNOVATOR, I had a website I used to train people, and [President] Don Cooper was so fascinated with the concept that he wanted to extend the training to others at INNOVATOR,” he says. “People are moving through coursework now, and once they pass their exams, they will be directed towards practical labs which allow them to practice and demonstrate the skills they learned in the course.”

The training is so extensive and beneficial that Reid and INNOVATOR leaders hope to make it available industrywide.

“We haven’t extended it out into the internet yet; it’s more or less an intranet now,” Reid says. “But when we get the thing going full-tilt, we’ll put it out into the internet.”

Not going anywhere

We know you expect your contractor’s performance and accountability to be unbeatable, and INNOVATOR experts hold all our services, including inspections, to the same high standards. Don’t expect this to change, either: Reid is mentoring an excellent, long-lasting team and, luckily, he’s not planning on retiring anytime soon!

“I’m 68 and I’m only doing this for fun,” he says. “Who wants to retire and play golf? I like to stay busy and keep doing what I’m doing for as long as I can!”

With dedicated professionals like Reid on board to continue making our specialty offerings the most cutting-edge in the business, INNOVATOR is well positioned for the future.

Capable, cross-trained INNOVATOR crews can bring diverse expertise, cutting-edge technology, and creative solutions to you and your company. Learn how: Contact us by email at, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or online.