Leak Repair Technician (NOC 7311)


Posted 4 years ago
Position Description Innovator Industrial Services is currently recruiting On-Line Leak Repair Technicians to repair various process leaks on live operating systems under pressure. Reporting to the Field Service Supervisor, this position directly contributes and supports the Leak Repair service line of Innovator Industrial Services and provides client billable person-hours on work in the field.
Required Qualifications Perform all duties as assigned by supervision including, but not limited to, the following as needed:

  • Possess the skills found in the leak repair skill register located at the end of this posting (the skills possessed will determine skill level and pay grade)
  • Communicate/Coordinate with plant personnel in a professional and respectful manner
  • Assess leaking component(s) and provide relevant information to supervisor and engineering
  • Take field measurements of leaking component (ability to sketch and properly dimension non-standard components is a must)
  • Competent use of the following measuring devices: Vernier calipers, OD calipers, ID calipers, circumference tape, measuring tape (able to read increments to 1/32), depth gauge, level, square, and angle finder
  • Ability to adhere to Innovator Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and Safe Work Procedures (Procedural non-compliance will not be tolerated)
  • Conduct, and/or take part in, Field Level Risk Assessments and toolbox talks.
  • Complete daily reports outlining the work activities
  • Complete daily timesheets (LEMs) detailing the labour, equipment, and materials used during the work activities for each day
  • Communicate daily activities with office personnel, promptly reporting issues, change in scope or change in field conditions.
  • Communicate with co-workers in order to facilitate knowledge transfer, including ability to mentor junior technicians
Desired Qualifications
  • Minimum Academic Credentials: High School Diploma
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Extensive and exceptional customer service practices
  • Previous work experience in an industrial or plant environment an asset
  • Computer application knowledge is an asset (MS Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Exceptional interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Good prioritizing, multi-tasking, and decision making skills
  • High degree of discretion and confidentiality
  • Entrepreneurial work ethic
Other Information Working Conditions:

  • Field duties require outdoor work in a plant atmosphere
  • Interaction with other crew employees, as well as supervisors and client personnel.
  • Working in plant and/or shop areas around production machinery with extreme noise levels.
  • Exposure to live process leaks operating at high pressure/temperature
  • Extreme working conditions ie/ very hot or frigid temperatures
  • Work in confined space and IDLH atmospheres (relevant training, safeguards, and PPE to be provided)
  • Ability to work from heights (including aerial work platforms, ladders, towers, etc)
  • Must be able to wear safety equipment as required by the safety department for personal protection (ie/ full body harness, SCBA, SABA, respirators, chemical suits, steam suits, bunker gear, etc.)
  • Camp accommodations will be supplied on a rotation basis, if applicable.
  • Will be required to travel out of town on a periodic basis.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
  • Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits employee to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Sufficient vision or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodations, which permits employee to investigations.
  • Sufficient manual dexterity with or without reasonable accommodation, which permit the employee to perform routine office duties.
  • Sufficient personal mobility and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodations to perform office duties and travel when necessary to off-site locations.

Leak Repair Technician Skill Register:

  1. Drilling
  2. Tapping
  3. Peening
  4. Valve Packing Injection
  5. Wire & Peen injection
  6. Segmental Wire & Peen injection
  7. Wire Wrap and/or Cable Tensioning Injection
  8. Work on High Pressure Leaks (>600psi)
  9. Use of High Pressure Packing Gland (HPPG)
  10. Install & Inject Void Fill Enclosure
  11. Install & Inject Flange Clamp
  12. Install & Inject Tongue Clamp
  13. Install (and inject) Perimeter Seal Enclosure
  14. Perform Manual Pipe Crimp
  15. Perform Hydraulic Pipe Crimp
  16. Complete a Threaded Union Injection
  17. Complete a Valve Seat Injection
  18. Complete an Upstream Valve Kill
  19. Perform a Hot Stud Change-out
  20. Ability to create a proper bolt pattern in field
  21. Ability to use torque equipment
  22. Work on Flammable Service
  23. Use of grounding equipment for flammable service
  24. Work on Oxygen Service
  25. Preparation of equipment for work on Oxygen Service
  26. Proper Sealant Selection based on process conditions
  27. Ability to calculate a void volume in the field
Wage $40.00 per hour

Job Features

LocationProject Based
ProvinceAlberta, Ontario

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