Preventative Inspection to Keep your Facility Leak Free

Inspection Services from Innovator: A Key Tool in Leak Prevention

From oil and gas refineries to petrochemical and chemical facilities and related industries, leak prevention is a key focus.

The perception that leaks are an acceptable loss has been replaced by the understanding that maintaining worker safety, productivity and the bottom line demands that we prevent leaks.

Facilities managers are always looking for inspection services that offer a high degree of reliability and are both less restrictive than traditional radiography and less destructive and imprecise than localized inspection practices involving removing insulation or drilling sample holes.

Boost Reliability and Safety with Innovator
Whether intended to determine maintenance priorities during shutdown or to investigate a suspected issue during a shorter stoppage, accurate assessment of the risk of leaks to existing heat exchangers and pipes is an indisputable necessity. Innovator is a market leader across the newest technologies for predictive and preventative inspection methods, including Eddy Current Inspection and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspection.

Eddy Current Inspection
To inspect heat exchangers, this state-of-the-art method involves employing eddy currents induced by an alternating magnetic field. The Eddy Current Inspection method effectively detects surface breaking or near-surface cracking, as well as variations in material composition in the exchanger tubes, and measures the thickness of non-electrically conductive coatings on electrically conductive materials. Experienced specialists certified to perform this type of inspection are relatively scarce, and Innovator is proud to employ some of the best.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspection
Low cost and high value, CUI inspection uses a technology similar to eddy current and is ideal for narrow pipe across a host of industries, including onshore/offshore oil and gas, pipeline operators, tank farms and terminal facilities. Innovator’s exclusive CUI Rapid Detection OM3 (RDOM3) tool is uniquely compact and maneuverable, offering an unparalleled ability to perform in-service piping and equipment inspection for corrosion without interruption or removal of insulation.

A Full Suite of Traditional and New Inspection Technologies

To deliver the maximum value when we are on site at a client facility, Innovator complements our core competencies above with a range of additional pipe inspection methods we can use on a supplementary basis, ready to deploy. These include:

  • Airborne Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • API 510 and 570 Visual Services

Trust Innovator for Inspection Services

At Innovator, we pride ourselves on bringing the same three core principles to our inspection services as we do with all of our other services: state-of-the-art technology, innovative deployment that brings greater value to customers, and superior service delivery. It’s all part of our commitment to keep our clients leak free.

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