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Working With Industry Leaders – II Podcast

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Discover insights into the latest industrial trends and technologies from around the world designed to help you improve cost efficiency, save time, and make your workday easier.

At Innovator, we believe an essential part of innovation comes from working and connecting with others in the industry. When we can learn from them and they can learn from us, we help each other grow and the benefits come through in the better ways you can run your facility.

Innovator has recently accelerated on this idea with the new Industrial Innovator’s Podcast, where the CEO, Don Cooper, holds bi-weekly podcasts with leaders from around the world who hold that spirit of innovation.

In fact, many of the products and services offered at Innovator are only there because of the partnership we have formed with these innovative leaders.

As of the writing of this article, there are ten episodes of the podcast released for listening.

Examples, Please

Episode 6 discusses Composite Pipe Repair with our friends in the United Kingdom. This technology uses an epoxy and pipe wrap combination that can make quick repairs to pipe on a live system.

You can avoid hot work and choose how long you want your repair to last, providing cost flexibility.

Episode 5 is on the Add On Gate Valve. Did you know that you can isolate any line in your system without shutting down?

The AOGV creates an isolation point without hot work anywhere there is a flange, and can save you millions by not having to shut down, drain, clean, etc., your system.

This is also useful when your isolation valves no longer do their job properly. Stick a new isolation point at any flange with the AOGV.

And there is also Quickflange. In Episode 8, you’ll discover how to reduce the time on your next flange installation by up to 80% while avoiding hot work and maintaining virtually uninterrupted service.

It’s a permanent weldless connection technology that is equally strong as welding in a new flange.

These are just a few of the technologies discussed on the Industrial Innovator’s Podcast.

You will find many more insights into improved technologies and processes that will help you thrive by reducing the inputs required such as time and labor while maximizing outputs in production and profit.

Check out the Industrial Innovator’s Podcast to get the latest insights into technology and processes that will result in a better run facility.

See below for options designed to help you thrive in the industry:

1. Discover Composite Repair, a high quality pipe repair technology that is applied without hot work and provides you price flexibility based on how long you want it to last.
It’s great for making it until your next turnaround. Click here.

2. Looking for a way to isolate a line without hot work and shutting down?
Discover the Add On Gate Valve, a self contained tool that inserts a spade into any flange. Click here.

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4. Install a flange in 15 minutes without sparks or heat so that you can minimize impact on production and save money by requiring less costly labor.
Quickflange reduces installation time by up to 80%. Click here.