Hassle-Free Hydrotesting: We Provide the Equipment, You Call the Shots

Hydrotesting: It may be a task you perform only periodically or rarely, but when it needs to be done, you need it done quickly.

However, for most businesses, it’s not as simple as buying a few pieces of equipment and storing them until you need them again. Hydrotesting equipment — and the related overhead of storage, maintenance, continual recalibration, and certification — requires a huge time, space, and monetary commitment.

That’s where Innovator Industrial Services comes in. Our hydrotesting equipment rental program is a full-service solution flexible enough to handle any need or any scale of project.

“We can help, whether the customer wants a straight equipment rental to perform the work themselves, onsite training, a few technicians to supplement their crew, or a complete turnkey job — we’re glad to do it all,” Stuart Hough, Innovator’s vice president of operations, says.

When size matters

We offer a full range of equipment, which is always ready, tested, certified, and available when you need it.

Although we have equipment for even the smallest job, our larger equipment rentals are particularly popular.

“The material we keep on site for client rentals includes some really high-pressure stuff,” Hough says. “In the last year and a half, I’ve seen a large increase in the amount that clients are calling us for.”

The program stocks high-pressure hydro-test equipment that supports flange rates up to No. 2500 (raised face and ring type joint [RTJ]) and pipe diameters up to 60 inches, which can be real lifesavers for businesses undertaking large-scale projects on a tight deadline.

“We keep these items on hand because it costs so much for clients to invest in them themselves, and they’re used so infrequently,” Hough explains. “It just doesn’t make sense for a client to spend $20K on high-pressure equipment they use once in a blue moon. That’s where we find clients are taking advantage of our rentals.”

As much (or as little) as you need

As Hough makes clear, Innovator’s rental program is exceptionally flexible. When you rent from Innovator, you have access to as much or as little as you need.

  • Equipment — We have a huge inventory of continually maintained, calibrated, and certified equipment and parts. If you’re looking for something uncommon, we’ll get it for you; if you need something that’s already rented to another customer, we’ll buy or build you a new one!
  • Service — We can deliver and set up your rental, based on your schedule, so there’s no interruption in workflow. This includes small equipment such as air compressors and pressure trailers, along with customized material sea containers filled with any testing gear our clients request.
  • Technicians — Our skilled experts can provide any level of support, from a simple delivery to training and supplementing your onsite crews and performing the entire job turnkey.

With Innovator, hydrotesting is never a hassle.

“We’re very much willing to work with whatever the client needs, and that’s what sets us apart from other rental providers,” Hough says. “We don’t ever say, ‘no’ — we don’t want our clients to ever have to go anywhere else!”

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