Fabrication and Module Support from Innovator

Fabrication and module support is a key component of the service offering from Innovator.

By partnering with our teams, your fabrication house will ensure that modules are produced at the highest safety standards, without having to deal with ballooning budgets and timelines. Our hydro testing crews have the experience to guarantee quality control on every module you ship, and they’ll complete that service faster and with fewer personnel than the traditional crew composition you are used to.

Sometimes it may not be our manpower that you need to get the job done, but just the state-of-the-art tools we can offer. We understand that owning and maintaining all the test equipment that might be required for any situation can be a capital challenge. As an alternative, you can draw upon Innovator’s comprehensive equipment inventory, and rest assured that you’ll be ready to handle even the largest and most unconventional pressure testing jobs.

More Than Just a Testing Partner
Innovator will also support your crews with finishing and repairing the modules they produce. On-site and in the field, our cross-trained teams can provide services including technical bolting, field machining and cold cutting, and pre-heat and post-weld heat treatments. The multidisciplinary skillsets of our technicians means that they will perform these necessary services without interrupting the production and testing process.

You may have the expertise in house, but using Innovator to bolster your existing teams ultimately means that you can allocate resources efficiently and ensure you are handling your needs in the most prudent way. No matter what the role or need within your fabrication and module facility, Innovator has the expertise and supplies to support your projects.

Hydro Testing & Isolations
Innovator’s turnkey approach to hydro testing and isolations makes us uniquely qualified to perform this service for your facility. With peerless experience and leading-edge technology, we’ll take you through the testing process with zero complications and a top quality product. Testing is the final step for any fabrication job; use Innovator’s expertise to bring you across the finish line.

LONGBOW High-Pressure Elbow Plug
The LONGBOW High-Pressure Elbow Plug is one of Innovator’s proudest proprietary contributions to the testing and isolations field. Able to cap 90-degree elbow joints without the need for welding and cutting of custom end caps, the LONGBOW plug can save you man hours and hundreds of dollars on each and every elbow-testing job. For fabrication and module services especially, where these elbow joints need to be tested before their connection to a straight pipe section, the LONGBOW plug is an indispensable tool – one that only Innovator can offer you.

Trust Innovator for Fabrication and Module Support

At Innovator, we pride ourselves on bringing the same three core principles to fabrication and module support as we do with all of our other services: innovation in technology, exceptionally trained staff and extraordinary customer service that brings greater value to our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to keep our clients leak free.

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