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Core Value #1 – Family First

“Family First” is Innovator’s core value centered on creating a supportive work environment where employees care for and protect each other, fostering a second family mindset.

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You Are What You Consume

“You Are What You Consume” emphasizes the importance of being mindful about the information we consume, as it shapes our outlook and future success.

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Would You Get Married For Just 1 Year?

In the realm of professional relationships, transparency stands as the cornerstone of trust and collaboration. Drawing parallels to the commitment of marriage, this article delves into why you wouldn’t decide to “Get Married For Just 1 Year” without thorough contemplation, and similarly, why client relationships deserve the same depth of commitment and clear communication.

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Use AI To Optimize Your Facility

Discover the transformative potential of Digital Twins in facility management. Paired with AI, this technology offers unparalleled insights, optimizing operations, enhancing safety, and boosting efficiency across the board.

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Online Inspection and Repair

Innovator offers comprehensive online inspection and repair services, providing proactive and customized solutions. Their one-stop-shop approach helps customers optimize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Bolting Specifications : A History

Don Cooper, President and CEO of Innovator, discusses the evolution of bolting specifications and flange management practices over the years, emphasizing the importance of training and competency.

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Why Do Steam Traps Fail?

Steam traps fail due to dirt, pressure surges, and improper sizing. Failed traps waste energy, affect production, increase costs, and pose safety risks. Regular maintenance and ultrasound testing are recommended to minimize problems and reduce energy costs.

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Audit Your Safety Management

Regular safety program evaluations and audits are crucial for maintaining compliance with safety standards and improving safety management in the ever-changing landscape of workplace safety.

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