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A Leaking Flange that Innovator Could Fix with our Leak Repair Pay Once Promise
Leak Repair

The Pay Once Promise

Innovator offers the Pay Once Promise for leak repairs, guaranteeing that if the repair fails, they will fix it again for free, prioritizing long-term partnership over revenue.

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Safety Is A Team Sport
Learning Center

Safety Is A Team Sport

Innovator utilizes the Safety Score Card to ensure team members have clear safety goals, fostering a winning game mentality and providing consistent data to clients for maximized safety.

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diagram of growth
Company News

Core Value #4 – Always Growing

“Always Growing” is Innovator’s 4th core value, emphasizing continuous personal and professional improvement through learning, seeking opportunities, and applying acquired skills.

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Find A Way -Man standing in multiple open doors
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Core Value #3 – Find A Way

“Find A Way” is about embracing innovation and finding creative solutions to client and company challenges. It’s a problem-solving mindset that drives progress and success.

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blackboard with drawing of arrows and text of Results
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Core Value #2 – Results Matter

“Results Matter” is about prioritizing outcomes and delivering impactful results for customers and the company. It’s a work ethic that empowers employees and increases customer confidence.

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7 FAQs About Forge Bonding

Discover the benefits of Forge Bonding, a no-hot-work repair technology that saves production loss. Get answers to FAQs about the process and its safety, speed, and costs.

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broken windows

Fix Your Broken Windows

“The Broken Windows Theory” explains how small issues can impact overall success. Focusing on fixing minor problems creates a disciplined culture and prevents bigger issues from arising.

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Save Time With Freeze Plugs

Save time and avoid hot work with freeze plugs. Simple planning, experienced personnel, and the unique mechanism of ice adhesion make freeze plugs a safe and effective solution.

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Ensuring An Injury-Free Shutdown

Building a strong safety culture is crucial for a company’s success. Follow these 6 steps, including accountability, official procedures, and active participation, to create an effective safety culture.

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