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Danger Of Data

The Value And Danger Of Data

Discover the value of data in achieving goals and outcomes. Learn how to use data to course correct, self-audit effectiveness, and find new ways to achieve desired results.

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Positive Habit

The Positive Habit Formula

Discover the “Positive Habit Formula” to implement lasting positive habits that can transform your life, using motivation, ability, and prompts. Start small and see real results.

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Success Through Alignment

Success is achieved through alignment with the belief systems and values of the company or individuals you work with, fostering prosperity and common ground.

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Schedule Time To Play GOLF

Boost your productivity and eliminate distractions by applying the G.O.L.F. acronym. Schedule time to focus on your goal with an optimal environment and limited distractions.

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results and excuses

The Value Of Commitment

Differentiate between consensus and commitment. To accomplish great things, focus on making and keeping commitments, even if you disagree. Clarity and alignment are key.

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Laser Flatness Header

Laser Flatness Inspection

Laser Flatness Inspection (LFI) offers faster and more accurate inspections of flanges, providing comprehensive data for better decision-making and preventing leaks. Improved productivity, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

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alarm clock in top of office table

The 7 Habits

Discover the timeless wisdom of Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and learn how they can transform your personal and professional life.

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A 15 Minute Weldless Connection Flange video Photo

A 15 Minute Weldless Connection Flange

Learn about Quickflange, the innovative weldless connection technology that ensures quick and efficient flange installation, cost savings, and improved workplace safety. Get your in-depth application guide now.

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Play The Infinite Game

Learn the difference between finite and infinite games and how embracing an infinite mindset can lead to stronger, more innovative organizations with resilient leaders.

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Do something great

Become The Best

Embrace the mindset of becoming the best in your role. Declare your goal, simplify your life, and make constant course corrections to stay on track towards excellence.

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safety is paramount

Impact Safety – Zero TRIR

Impact Safety’s digitized system empowers employees to report potential hazards, collaborate with supervisors, and provide real-time data to clients, resulting in a zero Total Recordable Injury Rate.

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