Adding Horsepower To Leak Repair

Here at Innovator we push the boundaries on what is possible for not only leak repair, but the entirety of industrial services. To help us do that we’ve bolstered the Innovator roster with two key additions, Scott Captain and Junior Peters.

Our Answer To On-Line Service Needs.

Let’s start off by introducing Scott, our new Service Line Manager for On-line Services.

Scott started off performing NDE(Non-destructive Evaluation) on pipelines in 2005.

Over the next two years he would go on to work on multiple projects throughout the Alberta and BC region. In 2007, Scott was hired by CEDA as a QC(Quality Control) inspector, but advanced rapidly through the company and by 2009 was heavily involved with managing day to day operations of their Specialty Services department.

He was also completing an apprenticeship and eventually a leak repair technician role in which Scott claims “After seeing how fulfilling the work was actually performing leak repair, I fell in love with the job”.

From here Scott progressed and eventually took on a site manager position for a specialty mechanical contract at Nexen. From here he would advance further to overseeing the re-build of the specialty mechanical group in the Edmonton region. As of June 2018, Scott has once again progressed in his career, this time the advancement taking form in a position with Innovator.

With 10 years of on the job on-line leak repair experience, the ability to grow and maintain a 365 days a year on-call leak repair service team and a knack for isolations and leak repair, Scott believes that his goal of 100% customer satisfaction scores on all on-line services work, is not only attainable but firmly within reach.

Outside of Scott’s professional life, in his own words; “I am just a 30 year old guy, who lucked out and married the love of his life 7 years ago. I have a 5 year old son and a 7 year old daughter (my pride and joys – respectively), and a dog that keeps us all on our toes. In our free time, we enjoy spending it out in the wild, either camping or out at the family farm”. Scott love’s the outdoors if he’s not spending time with his family he loves golfing, fishing, riding on the quads, and taking on projects around the acreage.

Leak Repair, And Everything Else.

The other recent addition to the Innovator Family, is Junior Peters, and there isn’t much he can’t do.

Jr has a background in fine mechanics, mechanical engineering and metal construction. Jr possesses a skill set so broad it would do him injustice to try and sum it up in a few short sentences.

He’s worked all over the world in the areas of stress relieving, machining, leak and valve repair, hot tapping, welding, ceramic coatings, hydro testing and is also one of the worlds foremost experts on engineered composite pipe repair.

How did he gain all this experience you might ask? Well Jr has put his talents to use globally since entering the industry in 2002, working in places such as Aruba, Venezuela, Trinidad, Rotterdam, throughout the North Sea and across both Canada and the US.

Jr (a veteran of the Dutch Special Forces) is a huge proponent of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. He’s a fan of all sports and enjoys weightlifting but his passions are running half marathons and cycling. His family is spread out around the world, but as Jr put it “it just makes it more fun to go and visit”. Jr also has a daughter, she’s got a mean jab, and an even meaner hook.

As he put it “she’s absolutely fallen in love with boxing” and he hopes for her to one day even compete in the Olympics.

Scott and Jr are both vastly different and similar in many ways, but share one key element in common, Innovation. With the ability to think on their feet combined with their experience, we have a solution for any issue that may arise. No problem is too complex, no task out there is one that can’t be accomplished in an effective and safe manner by our team.

Adding Scott and Jr. to the Innovator team will take our ability to serve our customers to a new level that we have not been able to reach in the previous few years. Our goal by adding these new members is to gain your trust, and be your first call for on-line repairs.

Contact us today and see for yourself the success you can achieve by partnering with Innovator.