A Promise Only Innovator Can Keep

Leak Management vs. Leak Repair: There’s a Huge Difference.

At Innovator, we’re proud to be on the repair and prevention side of the business. In fact, we’re so committed to leak prevention that we developed the Pay-Once Promise; if you hire Innovator to repair a leak and that repair doesn’t hold, we’ll come back out and perform reinjection services for free.

But this promise goes deeper than simply offering a cost-effective way to deal with leaks. It’s about our commitment to support your business beyond a repair job.

We understand that stopping leaks — and preventing them altogether — protects your assets, your personnel, and the environment, plus it also cuts your costs and boosts efficiency. We take each of these things very seriously, which is why we strive to be your long-term partner in creating a leak-free workplace.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about our unbeatable level of service:

I’ve been using Innovator for five years with Don [Cooper]. They’ve got good equipment, and certainly they’ve done a good job in trying to build a relationship with us on-site, certainly put efforts into gaining work with us. We’ve definitely been in a position, especially with the market today, on trying to cut costs and certainly they’ve been a partner in that.

  • Steve Cathrea , Site Manager at Jacobs

This level of commitment may be unheard of from a contractor in our industry, but at Innovator, we feel it shouldn’t be.

The Innovator Pay-Once Promise may be a bold move, but it’s where the industry standards need to be. We’re happy to set the bar high — for our business and for yours.

President Don Cooper offers a deeper look into why Innovator is so passionate about our leak-free commitment.

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