You Can’t Sell what You Don’t Know

Innovator Account Manager Sean Davis has been with the company for just a few weeks, but already, he has more hands-on experience with leak-repair technology than most sales people in the industry.

“When you’re a sales person, you are interested in making a sale,” Davis says. But my view of being an account manager means that you’re making sure that the customer is taken care of from start to finish. You build a relationship by listening and getting a good idea of what a customer’s concept is so you know that you can execute.”

That’s why Innovator puts account managers through Boot Camp, a training program that prepares them for the full sales process. In addition to order processing and delivery, account managers are trained to fully understand the solutions we offer to our customers and the variety of options we have for solving their pressing needs.

Having hands-on training adds another level of value for customers.

“Up front, it gives us personal confidence in what we’re selling and reinforces the fact that what we can assist the customer with what they need,” Davis says. “Customers don’t see it from our side. They know they have a need, and they just want it resolved. It’s my job to explain what the options are — even provide suggestions for solutions they might not know about. That helps us provide greater value, direct savings, and a better result.”

Davis says the Boot Camp was a great experience. Jason Gardiner, Lead Technician at Innovator, was the presenter and walked the class through the process of actually using the tools and performing repairs.

“I have been in the pipe industry for years, so I had a general idea of how the solutions worked, but I didn’t know how you actually perform a repair. Getting the chance to actually try it was a great experience,” Davis says.

Davis’s next step will be to travel into the field with technician crews to observe and participate in their execution of repairs. Once he’s accomplished that practicum, he’ll be well equipped to offer an educated and productive range of solutions to the customers he’ll work with throughout Ontario.

Getting Gritty

Boot Camp isn’t fancy! Take a look at this quick video to see how training takes over a section of warehouse space at Innovator.

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