Shutdown and Turnaround Services from Innovator: The Total Package

Innovative and Cost Effective Shutdown Solutionsinnovator-shutdown-a

At Innovator we understand that shutdowns are a necessary events for our clients to run an efficient facility, so we make it our mission to keep your downtime to a minimum, and make the process flow as seamlessly as possible. Our team is cross-trained in the latest technologies and techniques, so that we can save you time and money. We believe throwing more people at a project doesn’t necessarily guarantee results, but involving the right people, utilizing better technology and expertise does. We plan our portion of your shutdown months in advance, and you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running again on time and on budget.

A Single-Source Partner for Your Business

If you’re the turnaround maintenance planner for your facility, you know that annual shutdowns are a significant investment, but are necessary to keep your facility functioning at its peak. To move the process along, you need a partner who can handle all aspects of the specialty execution work. Innovator is a single-source solution for all your specialty services shutdown and turnaround needs. We can accommodate a wide range of piping and vessel configurations and our technology is first in class. Our planning involves transparent communication with all the parties involved so we can minimize the unknowns and exceed your expectations of our work, every time.

Field Machining and Cold Cutting

Innovator owns a wide assortment of portable flange facers, cold cutting clamshell lathes, milling machines and hydraulic drills, that allow us to bring the abilities of a machine shop directly into any industrial facility. Our on-site expertise allows us to adapt to any situation, and vastly reduce your shutdown turnaround time.

Isolation and Hydro Testing

Good maintenance and pressure testing go hand in hand. Innovator provides a wide array of isolation and pressure testing to ensure that your shutdown work is performed at the highest level of quality. Our Isolation and Test Tools cover the widest range of piping configurations for localized pressure testing of all flanges, welds, and joints. We cover situations and pressures everyone else says cannot be done. This removes the need for full system testing and in process weld inspection, saving you time and money, while keeping your facility safe.


More than Just a Machining and Testing Partner

In addition to machining and plug testing our cross-trained teams can provide services including technical bolting, pre-heat and post-weld heat treatments, Heat Exchanger tube inspection, sleeving and plugging repairs.

Turnkey Tie-in Services

Our Pressure authority approved weld procedures enable us to combine all our mechanical services to offer you Turnkey Tie-in’s, and the multidisciplinary skillset of our technicians means that they will perform these necessarily services without requiring other contractors.

Trust Innovator for Shutdown Services for Innovation and Efficiency

At Innovator, we pride ourselves on bringing the same three core principles to Shutdowns and Turnarounds as we do with all of our other services: Innovation in technology, Exceptionally Trained Staff and Extraordinary Customer Service that brings greater value to our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to keep our clients leak-free.

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