Saving the Day, One Leak at a Time

Imagine walking into a section of your pipeline and finding this:

With a steam leak like this, you don’t need an estimate or a “maybe.” You need a hero who can get the job done right now.

You need someone like Shanley Redix, one of Innovator’s Senior Online Leak Repair Technicians.

A solid foundation

Redix got his start in the U.S. Marine Corps where creativity, planning, preparation and confidence are very important. When his military career was over in 1990, he headed to Canada where he began working as a pipe systems maintenance laborer. Since then he’s had decades of experience building his skills, including traveling the world in remote locations, and coming up with creative solutions in places where tools and technology are limited.

“It’s been a world of experience,” says Redix of his work in developing nations, “especially in countries where they don’t have the technology that we have at Innovator and take for granted.”

Over the course of his career he’s learned to take responsibility not only for doing a job well, but also to be prepared for doing it safely. “You never know what kind of situation is going to be around the corner,” he says.

Never stop learning

Redix’s creativity and attention to safety make him an important contributor at Innovator. And although he’s a bit of a leak repair guru already, he’s glad to be a part of a team that encourages education and growth for their employees.

“Confidence is my number one weapon; patience is good too,” Redix says. “Seeing the unique challenges our clients face on a daily basis, I’ve learned to have a lot of patience. It’s also important to keep educating yourself and stay focused.”

To make sure he’s always prepared for the next challenge, Redix uses any downtime to continue expanding upon his skills and knowledge — and he knows that at some point, it’ll come in handy. “Leak repair requires familiarity with the whole industry so you can adapt,” he says. “Every day is different.”

Heroes at your service

As Redix points out, the best part about working with a company that prides itself on striving to be the best in the business is that the customers are always grateful. When many of them call Innovator, it’s because they’re in dire need for someone to swoop in and save the day.

“The thing about online leak repair is, customers call us when they can’t isolate a valve or situation on a line and it could cost millions to shut the unit or plant down, so they need a solution that includes us stopping the leak in-process with everything running,” he explains.

“For me, going into a situation like this and sometimes seeing the panic in the client’s eyes because they need a solution; then we go in and nail it, is a good day — Sometimes we leave them shaking their head because in some ways we helped save the day.

“It’s that kind of moment when it feels like I’m standing in the doorway with my cape blowing in the wind — and there isn’t even any wind,” he adds, with a laugh.

Although Redix clearly has a great sense of humor, he’s completely serious when he shares why he’s so passionate about his line of work. “But seriously, the best part is doing an amazing job for the client and making a difference,” he says. “I help them have a great day and I get fulfillment out of that. Customer satisfaction, a successful and safe day.”

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