Hydro-Testing Equipment

Whether you’re running a large pipe fabrication yard or just need to perform occasional hydrotests on your own pipe systems, having the right equipment is critical. However, hydrotesting equipment is large and costly, so purchasing your own may not always be the best option. Fortunately, Innovator has you covered. We offer full-service hydrotesting with our highly trained technicians, as well as rental equipment that’s on-hand and ready for your crews.

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Technical Bolting Equipment

Innovator provides a complete range of technical bolting services and programs to ensure a leak free operation at any facility. We provide hydraulic torquing, tensioning, ultrasonic load verification, inspection, quality control and detailed software reporting and tracking services for turnarounds, maintenance and construction activities. Whether you have thousands of bolted connections to manage or just a few, we will provide you with the program and services needed to ensure a leak free target of Zero is achieved.

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Field Machining Equipment

Innovator takes the applications provided in a machine shop and applies them in any industrial facility. We have a wide variety of machines available, so if you have machining requirements ask us how we can take care of it for you.

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