Valve Packing, Extraction & Sealing

ValvePacking2Valve packing leaks are a chronic issue in industrial facilities. Innovator has partnered with Progressive Sealing / AW Chesterton Co, as their authorized service and supply provider. Together, we combine to provide the resources, knowledge and experience to reach a Zero leak target and extend valve packing integrity.

The Chesterton Valve Sealing Program eliminates valve leakage associated with conventionally packed valves. Zero leakage rates are obtainable, resulting in dramatic reductions in maintenance costs. Live loading eliminates the need for excessive gland force, which continually compensates for in-service packing consolidation.

Innovator’s Chesterton-trained technical specialist surveys all applicable valves. Information is then cross-checked against the industry’s largest computerized valve data bank and a specific packing arrangement is engineered for each valve application. A torque value for each valve is computed. Valve sealing materials can be certified to suit the unique requirements of individual plants. A Chesterton trained specialist is available on-site prior to and during outages. Using our Water Jet Packing Extractor system, Innovator will professionally and safely extract all old packing, inspect each stuffing box and install your new packing to extend the life, safety and integrity of the valve systems.

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