Technical Bolting Services

DSWD0205DSWD0206Facilities by code have strict programs for each welded connection. In turn, on that same system, there are equally as many bolted connections. Yet, no code of practice is uniformly applied for the quality make up of bolted joints.

Controlled bolting has evolved. In the beginning clients had a limited selection of applications on high pressure equipment that required precise bolting methods. Today, controlled bolting is recognized across the industry as an important Safety and Quality process. Clients regularly use engineered specifications, hydraulic bolting, gasket/flange face inspection, and tracking/reporting as an essential means for ensuring bolted joint integrity across their facility.

Innovator provides a complete range of technical bolting services and programs to ensure a leak free operation at any facility. We provide hydraulic torquing, tensioning, ultrasonic load verification, inspection, quality control and detailed software reporting and tracking services for turnarounds, maintenance and construction activities. Whether you have thousands of bolted connections to manage or just a few, we will provide you with the program and services needed to ensure a leak free target of Zero is achieved.


Did you know that there are approximately 2.5 million bolts supporting the Eiffel Tower? Now imagine if they were constructed by a crew with limited knowledge and experience.

The average Crude Oil Upgrader contains more than 10,000 critical bolted flange connections. Are those connections any less critical?

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