Our Most Recent Round of Top-Notch Training

We offer our customers the best, safest, and most cost-effective technologies on the market. To uphold our high standards, we support our crews by providing extensive training.

New Coupling Technology

The most recent training sessions covered a technology called Pyplok®.

“Pyplok® is a mechanical coupling,” Quality Manager Chris Coombs explains. “It is used to join piping or tubing together without welding.” What makes Pyplok® connector fittings unique is that they are available in couplings, tees, elbows and ideal for small bore and new build projects.

In addition to being extremely versatile because of its heat-free installation and connection options, it’s also quick to install.

“It’s not just to avoid welding; it’s a very fast process, so it can be utilized for efficiency reasons as well,” Coombs says.

An Appreciated Opportunity

Of course, new technologies like Pyplok® aren’t the only training opportunities Innovator crews receive.

“Keeping up to date is just as important as that first level of training,” Coombs explains.

To ensure we can reach all of our customers with the most diverse, innovative technologies, we select certain individuals from each region to receive training at one time. We continue this offering over time so that multiple crewmembers in each area will take the same valuable course.

“There’s a range of things we go through when we select people for training,” Coombs adds. “We look at location, skill set, and level of employee engagement, among other things. Everyone enjoys training and appreciates the opportunity!”

Retraining is also extended annually to those who may be familiar with a technology, but who are due for a refresher course. Innovator recently hosted a Pipe Wrap® training session that did just that. The course was offered to new technicians as well as those who needed to renew their annual certification.

Ongoing training isn’t just a boost for our technicians’ careers; we also see it as an investment in our company — and in our customers. Wherever you are, and whatever you need, there’s an Innovator crew that can serve you!

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