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One Source for Online Inspection and Repair


Online services are becoming more and more valuable for facility owners, and at Innovator, we understand why. “Everyone is trying to run their plants harder for longer periods of time and still provide high levels of safety and quality,” explained Innovator Service Development Coordinator Ray Bradley. “Because of that, a lot of people are turning to online services as opposed to having to shut down units within the plant to […]

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Cenovus Foster Creek: An Innovator Weldless Flange Success Story

Like those at all plants in the oil sands and elsewhere, Cenovus Foster Creek employees rely on their shutdown periods to make vital repairs like replacing system flanges. This typically means relying on the industry hot work standard — even in the tightest, most confined vessels. However, Cenovus professionals are used to turning to Innovator when they find themselves in tight spots. “Cenovus has been a client for the last five […]

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Meet One of the Best in the Inspection Business

INNOVATOR is synonymous with leak prevention, detection, and repair. That means we take preventive maintenance seriously, and we’ve placed a lot of expertise and cutting-edge technology into creating a full inspection service suite. These services range from Eddy Current Inspections and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspections to Video Inspections and advanced supplementary technologies like Airborne Ultrasonic Inspections, Magnetic Particle Inspections, and Liquid Penetrant Inspections — just to name a few. […]

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