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Adding Horsepower To Leak Repair

Here at Innovator we push the boundaries on what is possible for not only leak repair, but the entirety of industrial services. To help us do that we’ve bolstered the Innovator roster with two key additions, Scott Captain and Junior Peters. Our Answer To On-Line Service Needs. Let’s start off by introducing Scott, our new Service Line Manager for On-line Services. Scott started off performing  NDE on pipelines in 2005, […]

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Have a Facility in Alberta? Speed Up Your Leak Repair Approval Process!

flange clamp

In the first article in our series on government regulations, we took a comprehensive look at planning and seeking government approval for leak repair in Ontario. For those in Alberta, on the other hand, obtaining approval for leak repair requiring pressurized enclosures is another story. Here, regulations can stall certain types of leak repairs, resulting in significant downtime and thus costing facility owners. Although technicians perform repairs in the same […]

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What’s Involved in Obtaining Approval for Leak Repairs in Ontario?

While you can plan to clean up and perform repairs when leaks occur, you never plan for a leak to happen. And, when it does, you need a fix fast. That’s why it’s helpful to know how to plan for and seek regulatory approval for leak repairs in advance. In the first part of our series on provincial regulations, we begin with leak repair in Ontario. Same plan … “From […]

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Industry First: Leading Indicators Measure Innovator Safety and Productivity

Safety and productivity are crucial to any business. At Innovator, safety is part of the approach that promises clients the Innovator Advantage, so it’s an important part of every workday for every employee. But how did it become such an important part of what Innovator crews do every day? It all started with the industry’s first leading indicator safety and productivity program, and it’s led the company to five years […]

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5 Years Injury-Free: How Did Innovator Achieve a Zero TRIR?

Reaching five years injury-free is no easy feat. It’s especially impressive for a company with a team of cross-trained professionals who perform such a variety of on-site services in areas where risks are present. However, for the experts at Innovator, five years with a zero total recordable incident rate (TRIR) is a reality. But getting every Innovator crew member home safe for five consecutive years took much more than tallying […]

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