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Turnkey Hot Taps and Line Stops: Get Everything You Need from One Provider

Working with too many contractors and suppliers? Having a single point of contact for an entire construction or repair project can help significantly reduce frustrations and streamline the entire process. While many facility managers have gotten used to working with multiple suppliers, contractors, and companies to complete pieces of their projects, it lengthens completion process timelines as well as increases safety risks and adds to the complexity of the work. […]

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What’s the Secret to Weldless Pipe-to-Flange Connections?

pyplok flange

We simply cannot overstate the importance of safety in on-site construction and repairs. Especially in live applications, in which normal functions continue to run and employees are present, technicians must do everything possible to reduce risks and improve outcomes. One of the most common activities technicians perform during construction and maintenance projects is fitting flanges to pipes. We’re proud to say our Innovator Weldless Connections are a safe and cost-effective […]

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What Is Composite Pipe Repair — and How Can You Find the Right Provider?

Leaks are inevitable and can range from minor inconveniences to operational emergencies. When they occur, facility managers understand that, to safeguard the environment and restore productivity, repairs are required as quickly as possible, so how they respond is of paramount importance. In almost all cases, choosing a repair option like composite pipe wraps can help ensure facility managers get the safest, most effective solution possible. Why choose composite pipe repairs? […]

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Do You Pay for Leak Repair Reinjections? Get the Promise That Matters Most

When production slows or stops due to leaks, facility managers prefer to deal with them in the most efficient and timely way possible. After all, repairs that take too long mean losing valuable production time while workers stand idle and leaks increase the likelihood of environmental damage. Knowing these risks and how they affect the bottom line can often encourage hasty responses that favor quick low-grade repairs over more efficient […]

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Have a Facility in Alberta? Speed Up Your Leak Repair Approval Process!

flange clamp

In the first article in our series on government regulations, we took a comprehensive look at planning and seeking government approval for leak repair in Ontario. For those in Alberta, on the other hand, obtaining approval for leak repair requiring pressurized enclosures is another story. Here, regulations can stall certain types of leak repairs, resulting in significant downtime and thus costing facility owners. Although technicians perform repairs in the same […]

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