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An Interview with Innovator’s New Online Welding & Hot Tapping Manager: Preston Fleming

Beliefs & Vision Innovator’s new online welding and hot tapping manager, Preston Fleming, comes to us with an impressive resume and more experience than anyone else in the game. You can read more about Fleming’s career history and how he came to work at Innovator here. With unmatched experience in online welding and hot tapping, we asked Fleming to share with us some of his thoughts on the space and […]

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Getting Down To It: The Issue With CUI.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the most well-known problems a multitude of industries face, yet it still makes up a staggeringly large proportion of global maintenance expenditures. CUI is a subject that is well-researched and understood yet the issue persists. With extensive studies being commissioned to determine the causes, effects, prevention, mitigation and repair of CUI what is the best approach to combat it, and what is the […]

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How Can You Simplify Hot Taps at Your Facility?

What’s a hot tap? Put simply, hot taps allow technicians to tap into live process lines to fix leaks. By performing hot taps, techs can divert fluids through new flow paths, stop lines completely, or isolate flows, allowing them to safely perform pipe repair work. When facility managers need these fixes, they need them fast to keep problems from exacerbating and leading to shutdowns. “It’s a Catch-22,” Innovator Technical Director […]

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Turnkey Hot Taps and Line Stops: Get Everything You Need from One Provider

Working with too many contractors and suppliers? Having a single point of contact for an entire construction or repair project can help significantly reduce frustrations and streamline the entire process. While many facility managers have gotten used to working with multiple suppliers, contractors, and companies to complete pieces of their projects, it lengthens completion process timelines as well as increases safety risks and adds to the complexity of the work. […]

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What’s the Secret to Weldless Pipe-to-Flange Connections?

pyplok flange

We simply cannot overstate the importance of safety in on-site construction and repairs. Especially in live applications, in which normal functions continue to run and employees are present, technicians must do everything possible to reduce risks and improve outcomes. One of the most common activities technicians perform during construction and maintenance projects is fitting flanges to pipes. We’re proud to say our Innovator Weldless Connections are a safe and cost-effective […]

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