Safety and Productivity: Leading Indicators

Safety and productivity are crucial to any business.

At Innovator, safety and productivity are parts of the approach that promises clients the Innovator Advantage. So it’s an important part of every workday for every employee. But how did it become such an important part of what Innovator crews do every day?

It all started with the industry’s first leading indicator safety and productivity program, and it’s led the company to seven years with a zero total recordable incident rate (TRIR).

What are leading indicators of Safety and Productivity?

“Leading indicators focus on future health and safety performance with the intent of continuous improvement,” said Innovator Marketing Coordinator Tyler Santos. “They are a signal and monitor of what is being done on an ongoing basis to prevent worker illness and injury.”

Therefore, to set a baseline and continue measuring success, Innovator professionals track both “leading” and “lagging” indicators:

Leading Indicators Lagging Indicators
Completed Management Safety Walks Life-Saving Rule Violations
Completed Site Inspections Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
Toolbox Talks Safe Workdays
Safety Meetings Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) Claims
Behavioral-Based Observations Environmental Noncompliances
Near-Miss and Hazard Identifications Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)
Delivered Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Training

These indicators alone show that the experts at Innovator care about more than just data. They keep safety top of mind when it comes to Innovator crews, the environment, and more. Moreover, we regularly measured and collected data on each of these indicators.

Innovator analysts were then able to track results and identify areas for safety and productivity improvements.

“As we were able to track and analyze key leading indicators within our operations, it provided us with insight which allowed Innovator to better prepare our employees for the sometimes-challenging tasks that we perform,” Santos said.

“As we effectively implemented our leading indicators, we were able to target select areas of Innovator’s safety management system to determine if specific goals were being met and expected benefits were being realized. We were able to keep our people safe, allowing us to achieve zero TRIR.”

Making company-wide changes

With involvement and buy-ins from everyone at Innovator, safety and productivity improvements are shared goals.

“Innovator has achieved many of its safety goals by having a clear vision with accountability executed by knowledgeable, dedicated staff,” Santos said. “By abiding by our Safety Management System, using pre-job planning, training our employees, and measuring our performance, we can successfully achieve our goals.”

One of those goals includes constantly improving what crews offer to clients through the Innovator Advantage.

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“Our vision is to find, develop, and deploy a range of innovative, industry-leading specialty service technologies,” Santos said.

“Providing extraordinary customer service, exceptional technician training programs, and unequaled value that set the standard in the industry we can offer safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness to our clients. Maintaining our zero TRIR is a key link to providing such excellence. Everyone home safe.”

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