Is Your Cutting Technology As Safe As It Could Be? Introducing Sparkless Grinding and Cutting Tools.

When technology makes job sites safer, protects workers from risk and harm, lessens downtime, and increases productivity, everybody wins.

John Dwyer, Business Development Manager of Innovator’s strategic partner, Hyflodraulic Limited, is proud to be partnering with Innovator Industrial Services to bring an incredibly safe, cost-effective new grinding and cutting technology to Canada. The proprietary technology developed by Safety Tools Allmet has revolutionized the grinding and cutting world. “Simply put, there are no other grinding or cutting tools like these in the world,” says Dwyer.

A need for change

In the past, it was assumed that whenever technicians needed to grind or cut steel, the process would create significant hazards: heat, sparks, and metal shards. Work crews, particularly those in areas where fumes or flammables were present, were required to take expensive and time-consuming safety precautions. These measures included fire permits, building habitats, shutting down parts of rigs, upgraders or refineries, setting up fire watches, and hiring additional safety personnel.

The high price of mitigating safety threats was the industry norm as part of the already high costs of maintenance and productivity.

Cool, clean, safer

Now, there’s a better way! Developed in Norway and initially certified for offshore oil platforms, Safety Tools Allmet’s products are currently being used in zone 1 and zone 2 applications on oil rigs and gas refineries, as well as on gas pipelines, aircraft, railway and automotive production, military, chemical processing, and nuclear plants.

The hand-held tools are unique because they’re specifically designed for cold work surface preparation, grinding, weld seam removal, and cutting. The sparkless grinding and cutting systems cut the heat and cut the risk!

  • They do not create sparks when grinding or cutting.
  • They generate very little heat (30-60 C), so no hot work permit is required.
  • They operate with low vibration.
  • They do not throw shards or particles into the air.

In addition to cutting costs and making jobs easier, the health and safety benefits gained from switching to the tools are invaluable and can change a work environment for the better immediately.

Meeting the highest industry standards

With years of research and development behind them, these tools are certified to DNV, ATEX, and EU standards. When the tools were introduced by Safety Tools Allmet a new certification category had to be created. There simply was no category for sparkless grinding.

“These are the only tools that are tested to such stringent conditions and meet the qualifications necessary to be certified,” Dwyer explains. “Safety Tools Allmet tools are backed by DNV certification, which is the most accepted certifying authority in the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide.”

Hyflodraulic Limited distributes these products throughout Canada with its partner, Innovator Industrial Services. They both also provide training to all customers who purchase or rent the Safety Tools Allmet line of tooling, and their staffs are qualified to use these tools on job sites across all industries.

Dwyer says, “By introducing this new technology to Canada, both companies are living up to our reputation for providing innovative, leading-edge technologies and services that make the companies and clients we work with safer and more productive.”