Do You Pay for Leak Repair Reinjections? Get the Promise That Matters Most

When production slows or stops due to leaks, facility managers prefer to deal with them in the most efficient and timely way possible. After all, repairs that take too long mean losing valuable production time while workers stand idle and leaks increase the likelihood of environmental damage. Knowing these risks and how they affect the bottom line can often encourage hasty responses that favor quick low-grade repairs over more efficient options.

The problem with this approach is rushed repairs are generally short-lived, causing more issues and requiring more work in the future. That initiates a cycle of one short-term repair after another from the same provider. When technicians don’t perform leak repairs properly, small-grade leaks at the original repair sites that go unnoticed can be even more troubling as they can cause substantial losses over time.

However, savvy facility managers understand that, by choosing the right repair provider from the start, they never have to pay for leak repair reinjections due to initial provider inefficiencies.

What can go wrong without a service guarantee?

The costs of initiating repair after repair coupled with production loss and possible environmental damage are obvious, but leaks have other downsides as well. Outside repair crews working on sites, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the premises, can cause logistical nightmares. This is unavoidable for initial repairs, but having crews visit repeatedly to service the same repairs can create unnecessary safety issues. Worse, leaks in noncritical systems can go undiscovered for long periods of time, resulting in expenditure in addition to secondary repairs.

Subpar outcomes can also result from hiring contractors who don’t stand behind their work. Therefore, partnering with a provider who offers a service guarantee is incredibly important. It not only serves as an incentive for providers to use the best technology but also to send the most highly skilled technicians to ensure work is done correctly the first time. And, if these technicians happen to make an honest mistake, the guarantee means they’ll provide leak repair reinjection services at no additional cost.

Never pay for secondary repair again

A service guarantee ensures lower costs and safer production in the long term. Facility leaders who choose a provider offering a guarantee can also benefit from:

  • cross-trained professionals performing leak repairs,
  • higher-quality materials, designs, and methods, and
  • service done right the first time.

Facility managers shouldn’t have to pay for leak repair reinjections — especially when those repairs mean lost production and employee productivity, potential safety issues, and additional repair expenses. The right provider understands the value in getting it right from the start, prioritizing repair quality and helping facility managers mitigate future problems. Those who search for a provider with a guaranteed solution know, even if a problem does occur, their trusted partner will provide reinjection services at no additional cost.

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