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Hydro Testing as a self-contained, turnkey solution

Bolting UT at Mackay River2

Innovator is the only company that offers hydro testing as a self-contained, turnkey solution using purpose designed, owned equipment. We know that the last few months of a project can be a challenge with compressed schedules and peaking manpower curves, as construction and inspection teams go back and forth completing and clearing pre-test construction punch items. Our staff operate as a dedicated squad that targets the Test Planning, Prep, Punching, Testing, Blowdowns, Reinstatement and Turnover of all piping systems, in a manner that supports the pre-commissioning and commissioning schedule. When punch list items preclude testing approvals; deficiencies are found and repaired by our cross-trained workers who then move directly on to the hydro testing process. Innovator does the same jobs with fewer personnel, and, what’s more, we can budget against less redundant testing equipment, and handle the break-down and clean-up of that equipment in record time, getting your facility production-ready on schedule. What’s more, we own the largest inventory of testing materials in the country allowing us to prep and test in record time when your schedule demands it without having to rely on third party rentals.

Technical Bolting Services

Your average facility for crude oil upgrading contains over 10,000 bolted flange connections that are critical to its operation. Unlike weld connections, there isn’t a single accepted code of practice for bolted joints. Innovator offers a broad range of precision bolting services, as well as the quality tracking and reporting needed to ensure your facility remains leak-free.

Pre-Heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment

Innovator maintains a commitment to the latest and most cutting-edge training and technology, to guarantee that your welding heat treatments needs are performed only at the highest quality. In the shop and in the field, Innovator is equipped to preheat, bake out, stress relieve, cure, dry out, quench, and anneal your pipe and vessels needs to ensure maximum performance.

Field Machining and Cutting

FieldMachiningWith Innovator’s fleet of portable flange facers and cold cutting clamshell lathes we can address all flange detects and or piping field changes quickly with our cross trained teams that are already on the ground, vastly reducing any wait time to complete and close piping systems.

Trust Innovator for Construction Support

At Innovator, we pride ourselves on bringing the same three core principles to our Construction Support offering as we do with all of our other services: Innovation in technology, Exceptionally Trained Staff and Extraordinary Customer Service that brings greater value to our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to keep our clients leak-free.

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