Audit Your Safety Management System

The world of safety is ever changing, and company leaders need to stay ahead of the game by keeping their safety programs updated — rather than outdated.

Yes, you must complete an audit and send it to the Alberta Construction Safety Administration (ACSA) to receive your Certificate of Recognition (COR) every year. But once that time of year comes, it can be too late to fix your safety program. The audit process includes interviews with field employees, and if they’re not actively performing a certain part of the program, it’ll come to light during this stage of the process. Keeping your program current is vital.

One tool you can use is a safety evaluation report. This report covers everything that needs to be and should be in your safety program and will help you develop an action plan to improve your program if needed. Evaluating your safety program six months before the COR audit gives you time to create your action plan and improve your program before the audit.

The evaluation report is different than the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to achieve weekly, as this report is a deep dive into your entire program from field level risk assessments (FLRAs) to your company safety awards program. Safety is all about checks and balances, and you need to be aware of where your program is before it fails to meet minimum Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards.