Minimize Downtime with Innovator, Your Single Source, Specialty Service Provider!

Eliminate the need to outsource multiple providers – Innovator is a Single Source Provider with flexible cross-trained crews, allowing us to meet the full life cycle requirements of numerous heavy industrial facilities. We are committed to providing Innovation in technology and delivering Exceptionally trained and experienced technicians, with Extraordinary customer service. Our mission is to deliver improved safety results, productivity and cost effectiveness where you will see unequaled value.

As the fastest growing specialty service provider in Canada, we offer Specialty Maintenance and Construction services required in maintaining high temperature and high pressure piping systems, which are utilized in heavy industry. Innovator can support the Construction, Commissioning, Maintenance and Turnaround requirements of any project.

We are proud to be Canadian owned and have strategically located offices in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Hamilton, Sarnia and St. John’s. Across the country, we bring the most advanced and innovative technology to service our clients. Our services include:

      • Engineering & Operations Support
      • On-Stream Leak Repairs & Enclosures
    • Valve Packing, Extraction & Sealing
    • Innovator Weldless Fittings
    • Field Machining & Cold Cutting
    • Heat Exchanger Tube Repairs
    • Airborne Ultrasonic Inspection
    • Freeze Plugs
    • Hot Taps & Linestops
    • Technical Bolting
  • Friction Forge Welding
  • CUI Detection (Without Removing Insulation)
  • Intelligent Pipeline Inspection
  • Eddy Current RFT Inspection
  • Laser Inspection CMM
  • Composite Pipe Repairs
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Video Inspection
  • Hydro Testing & Isolations
    •  Preheat & Post Weld Heat Treatment

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